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Produce Market Alerts:  as of February 23, 2023

Apples – The market for small galas is down slightly as supply is finally back to normal levels. Small grannies will remain scarce until the upcoming harvest in September. Large-size gala inventories remain low. The market overall is steady.

Asparagus – The market is stable, but supplies remain tight. In terms of availability on a day-to-day basis, mainly STD and LRG, with a few XLs and JBOs. Avocados –A good supply of fruit of all sizes. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady.

Bell Peppers –Markets are steady; enough supply to meet demand on both coasts. Red bells will be light for another two weeks and we’ll start to see a bit better supplies.

Berries (Blackberries) –Production out of Central Mexico is steady but should see a sharp decrease in April just in time for West Coast production to start. Berries

(Blueberries) –Product is still coming from Central Mexico, Peru, and to a lesser extent the tail end of the Chilean season. Quality has been good for the most part from Central Mexico and Peru.

Berries (Raspberries) –This commodity is still tight even with lower demand. This will change next week as we should see an increase in Mexico followed by West Coast production beginning in late March or early April.

Berries (Strawberries) –The market has softened considerably but remains stronger in California and Baja than in Central Mexico and Florida. Currently, the quality is optimum in Florida and California with large berry counts, firm skin, and great coloring. The cooler temperatures in the east are aiding in helping keep yields manageable for most growers. There is rain in the forecast for California at the tail end of the week.

Broccoli –Supplies continue to be good in Santa Maria and Yuma. Overall, the quality continues to be above average. Crown production continues to be better than most suppliersApples – Small grannies and Fujis will remain scarce until the new harvest in September. Granny’s are slightly tighter this week compared to last week.

Brussels Sprouts –There is good availability and pricing is competitive in the industry. Expect steady production with this commodity throughout the week. Overall, good quality is being reported.

Carrots – Whole carrot supplies continue to be tight due to recent inclement weather. Markets are up as well.

Cauliflower –Cauliflower supplies are now slowing down due to the recent and current cold weather in Santa Maria and Yuma. Now look for this market to slowly adjust higher with less supplies heading into the weekend.

Celery –Demand is off. Cool weather and rain are forecast in the growing regions for the rest of the week. Production is expected to be moderate to light in Yuma as well as southern California. Smaller sizes have the best availability. Florida is expected to have moderate availability if needed. In terms of value-added products, there is no escalation.

Citrus (Lemons) – The main growing region is District 1 and is peaking on FCY fruit. District 2 will produce better volume in late March and will bring more choice-grade fruit to the market. District 3 is wrapping up.

Citrus (Limes)–Markets continue to climb as the old crop wraps up over the next few days. Good quality upcoming crop fruit is available. Low yields are forecast through March, which is normal for this time of year out of Veracruz, Mexico.

Citrus (Oranges) -Supplies are peaking on 72/88/113ct with deals to be made on small fruit. Overall, the quality is good. Markets have been low but will firm up with rain/cold weather in the forecast.

Cucumbers – The cucumber supply is still short. Light supplies are expected in all regions through next week. We should see Baja production in the next 2 weeks loading in San Diego. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady.

Eggplant –The market increased last week due to Ash Wednesday demand. Expect fairly steady markets this week with better supply in March. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady

Garlic - Steady California production is expected throughout the week. Good quality has been reported.

Grapes (Green) –Imports are in better supply on both coasts as Chilean volume starts to increase. Peruvian grapes command a premium over most Chilean grapes. The market is adjusting and the quality is excellent.

Grapes (Red) –Imports are in better supply on both coasts as the Chilean volume starts to increase. New varieties such as Jack Salutes and Sweet Celebrations are readily available. The market is adjusting and the quality is excellent.

Green Onions – Mexican-grown supplies are struggling a bit this week. Recent cold weather has delayed the crop. Overall, the quality is good.

Kale –This market continues to be steady. Moderate to good availability is expected throughout the week. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady.

Lettuce (Iceberg) –Demand is moderate to light. With the cool weather coming in the growing regions, expect to see discoloration on the outer leaves as well as some pink ribbing. Multiple shippers are reporting this. The weight should be between thirty-nine and forty-three pounds on average. Expect harvesting delays throughout the week, due to the rain and cold that is coming.

Lettuce Leaf –Romaine as well as green and red leaf items continue to be plentiful. Blisters and peels are some common defects caused by cold temperatures. Pink ribbing will also be seen on all romaine and leaf items. Expect steady supplies throughout the week.

Lettuce Tender Leaf –Spinach and arugula supplies have tightened with the recent and current cold weather in Yuma. Overall, the quality is expected to be fair and at steady pricing.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – Cantaloupe supplies are tight on JBO 9’s, 12’s, and good volume on 15’s. This will continue into the next couple of weeks due to diverse weather conditions in the past weeks.

Melons (Honeydew) –Supplies are limited for this commodity. There was light production last week causing late vessels. There will be slightly better supplies for the end of the week. Overall, the quality is good and the prices are steady.

Melons (Watermelon) – We continue to see good supply out of Mexico and pricing is in the mid-20s. Offshore supply is lighter at higher prices.

Mushrooms – Excellent supplies and availability. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is higher.

Onions –All colors are available in Northwest and South Texas. Washington and Idaho have more aggressive pricing than South Texas. Overall, the quality is good.

Pears –The market is steady at higher prices. Inventories continue to be light. Most shippers down to Anjous and Bosc.

Pineapples – Steady open market volume. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady.

Potatoes –The potato market remains extreme. Limited #2s are available. Burbank availability is expected to increase in early April.

Squash –Good supply of zucchini however yellow is still very limited. Expect better production in about two weeks weather permitting. Overall, the quality is good and the price is steady.

Stone Fruit – Imported peaches, plums, and nectarines are available on both coasts. Supplies are light and the quality is very nice. Greek and Italian imported Kiwis remain in light supply, with the market slightly higher. California Asian pears are nearly done for the season. Imported Asian pears

Tomatoes –The round market is active due to lower yields caused by the bloom drop in December. Roma grapes and cherries are in good supply overall.


California –Throughout the day, isolated showers will increase in coverage due to gusty conditions. Lows in the low 30s to low 40s and highs in the mid-40s to low 50s with snow levels as low as 1,500ft. The main low arrives late Thursday bringing light to moderate rainfall to the region with storm totals through Saturday morning expected to be between 1” – 2½” of rain with over 3” possible. On Saturday night, skies clear and temperatures drop to the mid-20s to mid-30s. Light rain arrives Sunday night.

Mexico –In the presence of a mid-level ridge, temperatures will remain at or above seasonal through Sunday. Low 70s to low 80s today and mid-70s to mid-80s Thursday through Sunday. Lows should cool into the mid-40s to low 50s through Sunday morning. Mainly dry weather is anticipated through Feb 26.

Florida –High pressure strengthens over the peninsula along with a persistent southerly flow, resulting in temperatures hitting 10-15˚F warmer than normal and increased humidity levels. Look for highs in the upper 70s-mid 80s today, warming to mid-80s to low 90s by Thursday through Saturday, while morning lows climb from the upper 50s-low 60s Tuesday-Wednesday to low-upper 60s rest of the week.

Arizona –Strong gusty winds today up to 60 mph SE CA and 45-50 mph elsewhere today due to a strong upper-level low passing overhead that will bring a chance for rain in the morning. Rainfall amounts of 0.20” or less are likely. Blowing dust and reduced visibility will be a major concern. Chance of rain Thursday through Sunday with the highest chance of measurable rain Saturday through Sunday. Rainfall amounts could reach as high as 0.60”.


Trucks remain steady in California, Idaho, and the Northwest. The national diesel average continues to fall is currently at 4.376 per gallon and in California prices are also lower and are now at 5.407 per gallon.